Wanna see another hat?

On December 31, 2012 by carol

It’s Carol. The hat lover. This simple felt cloche hat came from a discount store. It is mahogany in color and had THE UGLIEST BAND with white stitching. Fortunately it had mere been glued on. It felt good to rip it off and toss it.

industrial chic jewelryI had this Industrial Chic chain and a very large orange charm that when I looked at it screamed “Fall!” Now I like orange, as a color and as a moon and as the delicious fruit, but this is a good size orange charm that in my opinion , did not need to be a part of a necklace. It needed to be on my head! (I must wear hats because I could not get away with wearing a tiara.)

industrial chic jewelryThe fun thing for me about Industrial Chic chain is all the options for mixing and matching. Doesn’t the blue bling dripping down make it fun?

Grab your jewelry pliers and stars unhooking jump rings. Occasionally you may need wire cutters.

Look for the chain in the aisle at Michaels that has pearls.

Even my 27 years younger daughter liked it enough to pose for my latest camera app.

Ok, I am done writing. I gotta go make jewelry!

BTW, Happy New Year!

Industrial Chic Jewelry

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