Industrial Chic™ Beachcomber Ring

Industrial Chic™ Beachcomber Ring

Industrial Chic™ Beachcomber Ring

Create your own talisman piece using Industrial Chic™ found object jewelry components by Susan Lenart Kazmer. Designed by Mary Feliciano for Horizon Group USA

  • Step: 1 Take the copper ball chain and count the length of (20) balls. Using side cutters cut the chain and put it aside. On a second piece of ball chain count the length of (17) balls and cut the chain using side cutters. Put aside.
  • Step: 2 Using chain nose pliers, detach the enamel red disc from its metal drop components.
  • Step: 3 Take one bezel ring and put a line of glue around the outermost circumference of the bezel. Take the 20 ball chain length and place it on top of the glued circumference so that the chain is outlining the circular top of the ring.
  • Step: 4 Take one antique gold hammered ring and glue it in the middle of the chain. Let it sit to dry.
  • Step: 5 Take one metal fiber and using your side cutters cut off the balled point, on one side of the metal fiber, leave the other balled point side untouched. Take one antiqued gold shell spacer and insert it through the metal fiber from the cut out side of the fiber (the balled point side should hold the shell spacer). Take the enamel disc and insert it after the shell. Using your chain nose pliers, create a tiny loop and wrap the wire tightly around the back part of the enamel red disc to hold the components in place.
  • Step: 6 Take the bezel ring and put glue around the top part of the gold hammered ring. Place the enamel red disc with the shell on the gold hammered ring with glue. Hold the disc in place for a few minutes to dry.
  • Step: 7 Put glue on the exposed area of the hammered ring. Take the (17) ball chain length and glue it around the hammered ring so that it sits just below the red enamel disc. Let it sit to dry.


  • Refer to photo to complete project.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions for all products used.


  • Industrial Chic™ Findings Antique Metal Fiber MKP18109-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Copper Ball Chain MKP18151-107
  • Industrial Chic™ Spacers Antique Gold Hammered Rings MKP18126-05
  • Industrial Chic™ Ring with Bezel MKP18110-01
  • Industrial Chic™ Drop Enamel Disc MKP18091-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Spacers Stone and Metal Shell MKP18125-123 Tools:
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Side Cutters
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Chain Nose Pliers


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