Industrial Chic™ Domino Necklace

 Industrial Chic™ Domino Necklace
Industrial Chic™ Domino Necklace

Create your own talisman piece using Industrial Chic™ found object jewelry components by Susan Lenart Kazmer.

  • Step: 1 Remove split ring from the pendant. Cut about 15-inch of leather cord and using 8-10-inch length of silk ribbon, loosely wrap the center of the leather.
  • Step: 2 Attach a fossil to the bottom of the pendant with a large jump ring. If your jump ring isn’t large enough, use a metal fiber and twist.
  • Step: 3 Add assorted large disks to each side of the pendant. Loosely wrap metal fibers over the ends of the ribbon wrap.
  • Step: 4 Add a cogged disk on either side; to keep the disks from sliding to the middle.
  • Step: 5 To create a closure, attach the end caps to the leather with your chain nose pliers. Add a clasp to the jump ring.
  • Step: 6 Take several lengths of ribbon and tie to the back of the top of the pendant. Wet your fingers and roll the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger to twist and age the ribbon.
  • Refer to photo to complete project.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions for all products used.


  • Industrial Chic™ 3mm Black Leather Cord MKP18141-11
  • Industrial Chic™ Lobster Clasp MKP18112-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Ribbons MKP18163-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Disk Spacers MKP18129-01
  • Industrial Chic™ Disk Spacers MKP18131-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Pendant MKP18060-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Large Jump Rings MKP18108-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Fossil Spacers MKP18125-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Metal Fibers MKP18109-123
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Round Nose Pliers
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Chain Nose Pliers
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Scissors



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