Industrial Chic™ Games People Play Bracelet

Industrial Chic™ Games People Play Bracelet

Industrial Chic™ Games People Play Bracelet

This charm bracelet took inspiration from the original one of a kind piece, “Games People Play” by Susan Lenart Kazmer. Designed by Designers from Horizon Group USA


  • Step: 1 Cut 7 inches of chain.
  • Step: 2 Attach toggle clasps on both ends of the chain with 3 jump rings on each end before the toggle and clasp.
  • Step: 3 Take (1) green spacer ring (MKP18124-123) and attach it to (1) metal link (MKP18115-123). Repeat until you have (5) pieces. This will be referenced as “Green Link Charm” throughout the instructions.
  • Step: 4 Connect the following charms to the chain in the below order using the split rings which come pre-attached to each charm. Begin to connect the charms from one end of the chain to the opposite end, make sure that there is one charm per chain link.
  • Step: 5 Spring Link MKP18113-01
  • Step: 6 Blue Sailor Charm MKP18085-123
  • Step: 7 “5” Charm MKP18069-123
  • Step: 8 Green Link Charm
  • Step: 9 Number Charm MKP18093-123
  • Step: 10 Ruler in Antiqued Copper MKP18085-123
  • Step: 11 Spring Link MKP18113-01
  • Step: 12 Red Dice MKP18094-123
  • Step: 13 Brown Dangle MKP18094-123
  • Step: 14 Spring Link MKP18113-01
  • Step: 15 Green Link Charm
  • Step: 16 Blue Dangle MKP18078-123
  • Step: 17 Domino Pendant MKP18044-123
  • Step: 18 “5” Charm MKP18069-123
  • Step: 19 Yellow Dangle MKP18075-123
  • Step: 20 Brass Tag MKP18075-123
  • Step: 21 Number Cork Charm MKP18075-123
  • Step: 22 Number Charm MKP18079-123
  • Step: 23 Green Link Charm
  • Step: 24 Ruler in Antiqued Silver MKP18089-123
  • Step: 25 Green Link Charm
  • Step: 26 Domino Pendant MKP18044-123
  • Step: 27 Red Car Charm MKP18094-123
  • Step: 28 Spring Link MKP18113-01
  • Step: 29 Silver Dangle Charm MKP18069-123
  • Step: 30 Gold Sailor Charm MKP18085-123
  • Step: 31 Spring Link MKP18113-01
  • Step: 32 Green Link Charm
  • Step: 33 Your Bracelet is Now Complete.
  • Refer to photo to complete project.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions for all products used.


  • Industrial Chic™ Chain MKP18145-101 Industrial Chic™ Green Spacer Ring MKP18124-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Metal Link (MKP18115-123)
  • Industrial Chic™ Spring Link MKP18113-01
  • Industrial Chic™ Blue Sailor Charm MKP18085-123
  • Industrial Chic™ “5” Charm MKP18069-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Number Charm MKP18093-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Ruler in Antiqued Copper MKP18085-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Red Dice MKP18094-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Brown Dangle MKP18094-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Blue Dangle MKP18078-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Domino Pendant MKP18044-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Yellow Dangle MKP18075-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Brass Tag MKP18075-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Number Cork Charm MKP18075-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Number Charm MKP18079-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Ruler in Antiqued Silver MKP18089-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Red Car Charm MKP18094-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Silver Dangle Charm MKP18069-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Gold Sailor Charm MKP18085-123
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Side Cutters JC11962-11
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Round Nose Pliers JC11966-30
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Chain Nose Pliers JC11967-30
  • Jewelry Essential Toggle Clasp Set JC11601-101
  • Jewelry Essential Findings Pack (Jump ring) JC16699-001

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