Industrial Chic™ Angelic Blush Bracelet

 Industrial Chic™ Angelic Blush Bracelet

Industrial Chic™ Angelic Blush Bracelet

Create your own talisman piece using Industrial Chic™ found object jewelry components by Susan Lenart Kazmer. Designed by Mary Feliciano for Horizon Group USA


  • Step: 1 Cut 7 ½-inches of the 3mm leather, 10-inches of pink ribbon, and (2) 5-inch pieces of Figure “8” Chain.
  • Step: 2 Take 10-inches of bright pink ribbon it and wrap around the leather cord. Cut any excess pink ribbon and secure both ends of ribbon with fiber strands.
  • Step: 3 Insert the pendant “Child in Teacup” onto the leather cord so that it sits in the center of the cord.
  • Step: 4 Working from either side of the middle pendant, string the following beads and charms in this order: (1) gold hammered ring, (1) red glass spacer, (1) washer, (1) pink glass spacer, (1) long rhinestone drop, (1) gold hammered ring, (1) red glass spacer, (1) short rhinestone drop. Repeat working from the opposite side of the middle pendant piece.
  • Step: 5 Move the beads, charms and pendant as needed so that it sits right in the middle of the leather cord. Secure both sides with long wire chain so that the components cannot move around.
  • Step: 6 Take the first 5-inch Figure “8” chain and attach it to the leather cord from the starting point of the bracelet components with a jump ring. Wrap the chain working from the middle point of the necklace to the end of the cord. Attach the opposite end of the chain to the leather cord by tightly wrapping the chain around the leather cord. Repeat working from the opposite side of the bracelet.
  • Step: 7 Attach one cord end-cap to the tip of the leather cord by applying a small dab of glue on the cord end and crimping the cord ends in with chain nose pliers. Repeat this on the opposite side of the leather cord.
  • Step: 8 Using chain nose pliers, attach Spring Ring clasps to the cord ends.
  • Step: 9 Attach one bone spacer to the pendant child with a purple fabric strand. Make a simple ribbon and cut excess.


  • Refer to photo to complete project.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions for all products used.


  • Industrial Chic™ Findings Antique Metal Fiber MKP18109-123
  • Industrial Chic™ 3mm Leather with Clasp MKP18139-10
  • Industrial Chic™ Chain Long Wire MKP18159-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Spacers Antique Gold Hammered Rings MKP18126-05
  • Industrial Chic™ 2 Drop Rhinestone Chains MKP18100-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Chain Figure “8” Twisted Link MKP18151-107
  • Industrial Chic™ Antique Spacer Washers Print MKP18133-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Pendant Child in A Teacup Bezel MKP18062-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Large Colored Glass Spacers in Red and Pink MKP18124-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Natural Bone Spacers MKP 18122-96
  • Industrial Chic™ Spring Rings 10mm MKP18119-123
  • Industrial Chic™ Fabric Strands MKP18163-123
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Side Cutters
  • Jewelry Essentials Tools Chain Nose Pliers, 2

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