Quick Bracelet and Necklace, a video with Jen Crossley

On January 29, 2013 by carol

industrial chic jewelryA heart graced with rhinestones and what must surely be a love letter.

How will you wear it?

Susan Lenart Kazmer’s line of mixed media components available exclusively at Michaels in the jewelry aisle, make it easy to create instantly wearable jewelry in just a few minutes with minimal tools and jump rings.

Jen Crossley shares how easy it is to make a bracelet or a necklace with these two pieces of Industrial Chic.

Give it a watch… jewelry maker that you are, you know you can’t resist. (Especially since it is DOUBLE Tech Tuesday and if you comment by midnight tonight on this post and on our ICE Queen Zine where the pots is by Thespa McLaughlin, you will be entered to win a prize.)


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