LIFE is WHEN by kathy Thompson: Go on! Assert Your Flirtatious Power!

In the package, the focal piece of this necklace is an eye-catcher....

06th Aug
slk industrial chic

Ribbons and Bows From Spring 2012 Industrial Chic

“I have gathered all the ribbons in the world to wind around...

05th Aug
slk industrial chic

Are you Intrigued?

Industrial Chic Necklace materials: ribbon/chain/bead section glitter lightbulb and paper Starting with...

04th Aug
slk Industrial Chic

Jewelry in a moment…

Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic line of charms, chains, castings, pendants, rhinestones...

03rd Aug
bead + charm + jump rings + earring wires

Reflections… in an Industrial Chic frame

Kathy Thompson gives us an example of what you can create in...

02nd Aug
slk industrial chic

Focus (from the Spring 2012 Collection)

We invite you to focus on a  few pretties from the previous...

01st Aug
slk industrial chic

Unique Bridal Shower Invitation is Full of Good Wishes

Think of all the things you can celebrate with this darling corset!...

31st Jul
slk industrial chic

Easy Peasy Inspiration!

Cat Kerr‘s projects with Industrial Chic speak for themselves! (But don’t you...

30th Jul
slk industrial chic

Mixed Media Journal on Scrapbook Soup

Susan Lenart Kazmer joined Julie Fei-Fan Balzer  on Scrapbook Soup and together they embellished...

28th Jul
slk industrial chic

180 Blue by Jack and Cat Curio

Are you blue? The color blue represents tranquility, intelligence and strength. In...

26th Jul
slk industrial chic




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