Balancing Act – Early 1st Day of Christmas Contest

Life often feels like a balancing act, especially when one is busy...

19th Nov
Industrial Chic by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Inspiration from France

I went to France back in October for the annual Ruins, Relics...

18th Nov

Chic Gifts for 12 Lucky, Busy Elves!

Want to discover something chic in your mailbox? Interact with us through...

15th Nov
Industrial Chic

A Jump Ring Tip from Susan Walls

Grab 2 pair of bent nose pliers and try out Susan’s technique....

08th Nov
A Jump Ring Tip from Susan Walls

Doorstop Bracelet by Josephine Jones

Found objects are wonderful to build around! Jo started out with a...

01st Nov
Industrial Chic

Learning is the key…

Beginning in November ICE Resin’s Mixed Media Team Members, Susan, Jo, Sandy...

30th Oct
Industrial Chic

Mixed Media Traveling Dress by Pamela Huntington

Old dresses, I love old dresses… I am always trying to tell...

25th Oct
Industrial Chic


There were so many amazing applications this year when we put the...

10th Oct
Industrial Chic

Accessorize Your Hat, Design by Tina Schiefer

With a little bit of Industrial Chic chain and a few jump...

20th Sep
Industrial Chic

The Happy Heart, a tutorial with Cat Kerr

The Industrial Chic line is not just for jewelry, as you may...

13th Sep
The Happy Heart, a tutorial with Cat Kerr




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