It’s an Art Journal, but …

It’s an Art Journal, but you can write in it too! Here’s...

25th Apr
Industrial Chic Journal

Orient Express Necklace

Ever find a piece that looks interesting you just don’t know what...

18th Apr
Industrial Chic charm

Steampunk Pearl by Cindy Cima Edwards

Elegance made easy with chain, beads and Industrial Chic!   Thanks Cindy!...

30th Mar
Steampunk Pearl by Cindy Cima Edwards

Birdsong by Lesley Venable

Hello! I hope wherever you are you can hear birdsong. I am...

27th Mar
industrial chic necklace

A Chic Charming Cape by Josephine Jones

Salutations! I hope you are having a wonderful day in your studio....

23rd Mar
upcycle with industrial chic

Pink Elemental by Thespa McLaughlin

This necklace was inspired by several elements from the Art Mechanique line. By repurposing...

27th Feb
industrial chic jewelry

Tin Necklace by Lexi Grenzer

Click play for an aha moment or three as Lexi Grenzer shares...

19th Feb
Tin Necklace by Lexi Grenzer

Industrial Pinks by Cindy Cima Edwards

Industrial Chic pieces are wonderful because they can be used in so...

13th Feb
industrial chic jewelry

“8″ by Jen Crossley

Greetings! Jen Crossley of the ICE Resin Design Team and A Mark...

06th Feb
industrial chic jewelry

Quick Bracelet and Necklace, a video with Jen Crossley

A heart graced with rhinestones and what must surely be a love...

29th Jan
industrial chic jewelry




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