Industrial Pinks by Cindy Cima Edwards

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Industrial Chic pieces are wonderful because they can be used in so many ways! They can be used as is or taken apart and the various elements used in different ways. My idea with this bracelet was to create a project that relied exclusively on the use of an Industrial Chic chain set and an Industrial Chic pendant and very little else from my own stash.

industrial chic jewelry1: Remove bottom leaf dangle charm from pendant and set aside to use for another project.

2: Connect handmade copper hook clasp (or desired hook clasp) to one side of pendant using a jumpring removed from the chain set.

3: Remove 3 beaded links from the pink beaded link strand found in the chain set.

4: Remove 8 chain links from one of the chain strands found in the chain set.

5: Cut off the head of a headpin and make a simple loop. String a pink crystal pearl and make a simple loop. Repeat 2 times. Repeat with 3 peach Czech faceted beads.

6: Connect beaded links together in pattern shown using chain links from step 4 as you would jumprings. Connect the two strands to existing jumpring on the bracelet focal.

7: Remove 3 links from a smaller gauge chain found in the chain set. (This is to be used as an extender chain.) Connect to the two strands in step 6 using another jumpring removed from chain set.

8: String a copper head pin with an Indian Pink Swarovski crystal bicone and make a wrapped loop. Connect to one of the beaded links from step 3.

9: Connect dangle from step 8 to the end of the extender chain in step 7.

I challenge you to look in your Industrial Chic stash and have fun creating!

Cindy Cima Edwards

You can discover more of my jewelry on my Live To Design blog


Industrial Chic pendant

Industrial Chic chain set

Swarovski crystal bicone, 5mm  Indian Pink

3 Crystal pearls, 8mm Pink: Fire Mountain Gems

3 Czech faceted glass rounds, 8mm Peach: Fire Mountain Gems

Handmade copper hook clasp

Copper headpin

Brass headpins

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