Faux Tin Type Bracelet and Earrings

On December 6, 2012 by carol

When I received these faux tin type photographs from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic Line I thought they were brilliant!

Industrial Chic jewelry

Industrial Chic by Susan Lenart Kazmer is available exclusively at Michaels Craft Stores.

You see, there is a facet of my life that a lot of people don’t know about me. I am an obsessive vintage collector. I have hundreds of jewelry pieces, closets full of wonderful old clothing, and boxes of antique photos. Almost none of which I’m willing to part with or upcycle.

Industrial Chic jewlery

This is the back side of the bracelet.

Presented with these photo pieces I immediately went into deep thought of how to make them wearable. I realize that making tin type photos into jewelry isn’t the most original idea on the planet. But unlike originals, that I can’t bear to cut into, these were made to manipulate and turn into something else. So many ideas came to mind! But I started with a bracelet and earring set. Who knows what I’ll make next!

Susan M. Walls

Susan’s Art Circus blog

Industrial Chic jewelry

2 SLK Industrial Chic faux tin type photos and beaded chains in pearl, red, and topaz, safety glasses, Dremel tool with small drill bit, metal shears, metal or strong nail files, pearl reamer, jewelry pliers, large dowel or other round item, miscellaneous jump rings, ribbons or fibers of your choice, miscellaneous jewelry findings

Gather all your ingredients and play with placement of beads and sizes of possible cuts to tin types.

Don your fashionable safety glasses to protect your eyes from any flying material.

Measure and cut your tin types with metal shears. Make sure to measure your wrist to estimate the correct length of your bracelet.

To easier round edges snip off small pieces of the corners then file all sides and any points until smooth.

Decide where jump rings will be placed then your holes drill holes. Tip: use a pointed nail or an awl to mark an indent where each hole is to be drilled. This way your drill won’t dance over the surface and mar your lovely photos.

Use your pearl reamer to smooth the interior of your holes. Round your pieces over the dowel, bending and shaping into a slight curve, to better fit your wrist. Place jump rings and adjust for sizing. Use your beaded chain in varying lengths from jump ring to jump ring as desired.

Lace your ribbon choices to provide a closure. Follow the same steps adding earring findings to make a gorgeous vintage looking jewelry set!

Ideas: Use alcohol inks to colorize the photos for a special one of a kind effect!

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