SLK Industrial Chic
Industrial Chic™ Mixed Media Line by Susan Lenart Kazmer is exclusive to Michaels.

Industrial Chic™ is a found object jewelry component collection designed by mixed media artist Susan Lenart Kazmer, and manufactured by Horizon Group USA.  Industrial Chic™ was created for jewelry designers of all levels.  Become your very own builder of talisman.  Pendants, charms, findings, and chain are available in several finishes to mix and match to create your own individual style.  Each charm, a work of art.  Each pendant, a reminder of a life past.  Each piece, a journey of its own.  Created by Susan Lenart Kazmer for you to become a designer of the Industrial Chic™ look yourself.

Media contact for Michaels:
Kristen Kauffman or Alexandra Elliott
(817) 329-3257


Media Contact for Artist:

Jen Cushman    (440) 963-0367

2 Responses to “contact”

  • I an a consumer and I have been purchasing your dangle rhinestones – 12 to a card – at Michaels for some time now but they no longer carry your line. Can you tell me where I might purchase more of this item?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Carol: Michael’s is looking at refreshing Susan’s Industrial Chic Line. The best thing you can do is write them and let you know you still want it. Thanks!

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