Chain Chain Chain … Chain for Jewelry and Hats and …

On December 28, 2012 by carol

industrial chic

Chain is not just for jewelry. It is good for mermaids coming up from the depths on an art journal page. Chain is good for hats! Bracelets! Long dangling earrings!

industrial chicWalking down the aisle at Michaels looking at Industrial Chic chain, we realized it looks a little different than lengths of single chain. We also know that sometimes we need permission or just don’t know that we can…

For instance, this chain has larger linked strands linked with smaller link strands, linked with red rhinestone chain and a bow.

Carol in the ICE Resin office loves hats. So she grabbed her pliers (she uses flat and needle nose to open jump rings, but you can use any pliers that work for you) and started separating chains.

She set the small link strand aside to use in a later project.

The larger made a nice embellishment to her holiday hat.


What fashionable thing will you create with your Industrial Chic chain?

industrial chic jewelry

industrial chic

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